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Coxitta Zini

Coxitta - Farinha de trigo com pré-gelatinização

Coxitta –Pre-gelatinized wheat flour

Flour for savory snacks pasta with minimal oil absorption.

It is a flour for “coxinhas” (chicken croquettes) and savory snacks in general. It uses wheat flour with pre-gelatinization of the starch and with great capacity of water absorption, saving more than 50% of the time and the resources in the preparation of the snacks.


  • Standardization of rheological characteristics of flour;

  • Reduction of microbiological values as a function of the pasteurization process (thermal action and mechanical action);

  • Increased water absorption capacity (when compared on an identical basis);

  • Enzymatically inactive.

  • Thickness in the presence of hot water minimizing the cooking time.


The special heat treatment (thermolization) to which wheat flour is subjected makes the drumstick more digestible and with less calories due to better water / cooked starches distribution. This even allows to guarantee creaminess and texture to the salty even with a reduction in fat content (in some cases up to 30%), with consequent improvement in caloric indexes. Flour gelling also minimizes the risk of explosion that has often affected the safety of kitchen professionals.


  • Savory snacks (minimizes explosion).
  • Confectionery.
  • Confectionery fry (minimizes oil absorption and improves product structure).


25 Kg e 10kg – Valved bags in LDPE

Coxitta - Farinha de trigo com pré-gelatinização
Coxitta - Farinha de trigo com pré-gelatinização


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