(Português do Brasil) Nhoque Patato - é feito com batata premium e dispensa refrigeração

Nhoque Patato®


Nhoque Patato - feito com batata premium

Gnocchi Patato – Made with Premium Potatoes

The best gnocchi in Italy now in Brazil.

It is a healthy and fast potato gnocchi, as only ZINI could invent. It is the world’s first uncooked instant dough, developed with a focus on preservation of resources and well-being: it does not soak after a long time in the rechaud and is much more digestive than the traditional dough.


  • Dispense boiling water, making the preparation of the dishes simpler and faster (straight into the sauce);

  • Do not soak;

  • Excellent yield;

  • Storage at room temperature;

  • No cholesterol;

  • Low calories;

  • Practical;

  • Validity of 6 months.


More digestible for perfect starch gelatinization. Less caloric, therefore reduces the image of fattening starch foods. It has the caloric content of vegetables. It has the characteristic clean label formulation that only ZINI can guarantee.


Choose the sauce of your choice. For red sauce, add water in the ratio of 1 part sauce to 1 part water. For the white sauce, add milk in the ratio of 1 part of sauce to 1 part of milk. Then add the Gnocchi, gently separating it from each other with your hands; boil for 3 to 5 minutes depending on desired consistency. Turn off the heat and serve.


1Kg e 500g

Nhoque Patato - feito com batata premium
Nhoque Patato - feito com batata premium


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