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Multimassas Folhas Prontas®


Refinement, practicality and speed.

What is?

Multimassas Leaves Ready – precooked pasta ideal for preparation of cannelloni, rondelle, pappardelle, lasagna, noodles, among others. Produced from a simple process, which enables greater cooking uniformity and up to 300% greater resistance in the pan.


  • Dispenses boiling in water, making the preparation of dishes simpler and faster;
  • Storage at room temperature;
  • It has no cholesterol;
  • Low calories; Practicality;
  • Validity of 6 months.

It’s healthier because:

ZINI Brasil MULTIMASSAS® SHEETS are highly digestible because they have been pasteurized in a unique 16 ATE steam thermal process. Does not use eggs and has no cholesterol. Examples of products that can be obtained with.
MULTIMASSAS®: spaghetti, noodles, tagliatelle, pappardelle, orecchiette, etc. use the same nutritional advantages. Fantasy is the limit.


Remove the separation sheets. Use each Multimassa Leaf as if it were a fresh base leaf for the different types of fresh pasta: noodles, spaghetti, pappardelle, etc. Wrap and cut with a knife at the proper height. For stuffed pasta (canelloni, rondelli, ravioli, cappelletti, etc.), put the self-produced filling into your restaurant or kitchen. Ask ZINI Alimentos for the specific explanatory movie, or rather, visit Piazza Zini’s demo kitchen to receive exclusive free training on the varied applications of this unprecedented and unique pasta in the world.


2,5 Kg

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