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Flour for breading – competitive and healthy.

Using the unique experience of ZINI Milano, an ideal thread flour has been developed in Brazil for all those foods that are highly consumed such as coxinhas (chicken croquettes), salgados (savory snacks), bananas, meats and fish.
Using the well known microsphere technology, the lipophobe characteristic of FIOCCOPAN® was maintained, however using common national flour with a single granulometry, which gives the appearance of bread crumbs.


  • Saves up to 70% of the oil or fat;

  • It has caramel color characteristic of traditional bread;

  • Excellent adhesion to salty and resistance to freezing;

  • Does not present burnt points of bakery thread flour;

  • Reduces costs by competitive price and oil economy;

  • Breaded is dry and crispy – (do not soak);

  • Free of sugar, salt and preservatives;

  • Preserves consumer health.


After placing the binder (egg or FIOCCOGEL® ZINI diluted 6 times in water) it is checked with MILANEZIN® until it forms a homogeneous peel. Press manually for best adhesion and fry in oil at ± 190 ° C or Air-Fryer®.
Important: MILANEZIN® is heavier than the thread flour, it falls to the bottom of the fryer without dirtying the oil.


10 kg – Valved bags in LDPE


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