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Mercatone Zini
The first Industryretail in Brazil
Open 24hrs – 7 days per week
Why Mercatone Zini is the place with lowest prices among the wholesalers in São Paulo?

Until the creation of the unpublished term INDUSTRYRETAIL to express the idea of ​​creating a direct bridge between the food producing industries linked to the concept of the MEDITERRANEAN DIET and all the universe of its users, mainly those that use the foods of the MEDITERRANEAN DIET in commercial activities the universe of food service) to the transformers and operators linked to the import export of the extremely important Brazilian agro-food sector.

The concept of direct sales of the industry to its customer-consumer is not new in itself. Just think of car sales inside the factory (GM case) or the direct sale of computers from major brands. There are also many factory outlets that cater to the public in various commercial sectors.

However, this commercial opening that ZINI BR proposes in the INDUSTRYRETAIL concept seems to us to be quite original.

Because it involves the involvement of other industrial partners who also make their products available in a specific area and for a public that is well identified in food service terminology.

The clear objective of MERCATONE ZINI is to offer all products at the lowest price on the market, cutting all the useless costs (eliminating any kind of apparent sophistication that only serves to attract the unwary).

Cutting to the maximum any kind of intermediary (including financial) who in reality sadly earn more than the subject who works and produces (industry).

This trend is worldwide and is part of the E-Commerce revolution that is happening in all advanced countries.

MERCATONE ZINI wants to challenge those traders who say:

“If you find it cheaper, we’ll give you back your money.”

Thanks to the MERCATONE – INDUSTRIAREJO project, you will have many stores returning the money to FOOD SERVICE customers that will appear in ZINI BR, 50 meters from Marginal Tietê, 24 hours 7 days per week.

Welcome everyone to prove this challenge.

Contact our team and learn how to become a distributor.

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