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Private label

Marca Própria Zini Alimentos

ZINI inaugurates in Brazil its newest Private Label sector, allowing the medium and large industry to count on the expertise, technology and market differentials accumulated by ZINI in recent years, avoiding high investments, infrastructure and training.


  • Maximum flexibility in defining taylor made references, thanks to the versatility of production lines.
  • Custom recipes for each customer;
  • bespoke technical characteristics;
  • Packaging of 500g / 1kg / customized;
  • All thermolized products lasting 6 months at room temperature.


  • Flour for breading with exclusive LIPÓFOBA characteristic;
  • Wheat fibers and other non-bitter thermolized cereals;
  • Whole wheat thermolized flour;
  • Crisp correctors for coating of different fried foods;


  • Potato gnocchi and unbroken integral;
  • Polenta: Ready-to-eat slices and instant cornmeal;
  • Lasagna: In food service packaging and in the Sheet Multimassa application.
  • Ready-made pastes: Mixing, baking and shelf life assurance in various creamy, sweet and salty products.

And several other applications within the concept of LAST GENERATION FOOD that can only be explained in direct face to face contact between the R&D department


Zini Alimentos - Farinha de Rosca para Empanar Lipófoba