Polenta Lunella®

Compra Industrial
Compras no Varejo

Polenta came as only Italians could reinvent.

It is a polenta for consumption developed through high technology equipment, ensuring a product of high nutritional quality, free of bitterness, thus ensuring the reduction in manufacturing and storage costs of the final product. It can be served grilled, baked, fried or with various types of sauces. Choose the operation you like best.


  • Storage at room temperature;

  • Does not have the bitterness of cornmeal;

  • Low calories;

  • Long life (6 months).


Baked: Cut the polenta into slices and arrange it in a baking dish. Top with the sauce of your choice and finish with cheese to taste. Bake for about 10 minutes (or until the cheese melts). Serve immediately.
Fry: Cut the polenta into slices and fry them with FIOCCOPAN® flour. Heat the oil to 180 ° C and place the polenta empanada. Fry until golden brown and serve.


1Kg and 500g