(Português do Brasil) Lasanha Versatile - Lâmina de massa pré-cozida com baixas calorias

Versatile lasagna®

Lasanha Versatile - lâmina de massa pré-cozida

Versatile Lasagna – precooked pasta blade

Versatile Lasagna.

It is a pre-cooked dough sheet, continuously produced and uniform, ideal for the production of lasagna. Simply cut into the ideal size for your need.


  • It does not boil in water, making the preparation of the dishes simpler and quicker;

  • Storage at room temperature;

  • No cholesterol;

  • Low calories;

  • Practical;

  • Validity of 6 months;


Produced with extremely modern technology, LASANHA VERSATILE® is healthier because it does not require the use of eggs. In addition to being more digestible because it is pre-cooked in boiling water and has reduced calorie content.

It allows you to prepare various basic and healthy dishes in the modern kitchen extremely quickly.


Remove the plastic sheets that separate the blades of dough. Grease a refractory with butter or thin sauce. Arrange the slices of dough, alternating with sauces and fillings of your preference. Preheat oven to 250 ° C for 12 to 15 minutes or until gratin. Serve immediately.


500g e 2,5Kg

Lasanha Versatile - lâmina de massa pré-cozida
Lasanha Versatile - lâmina de massa pré-cozida


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