(Português do Brasil) Kibezin - Trigo para kibe com melhor crocância

Kibezin® Trigo para kibe de nova geração

Kibezin - Trigo para kibe

Kibezin –Wheat for Kibe

More practical, fast, tasty and very dry.

Kibe wheat – Kibezin® is the result of a new and modern process. Kibezin® offers sensitive advantages for use on an industrial scale, both in terms of conformation and structure, as well as in sensory terms. Smooth and pleasant, it allows to use a greater proportion of “kibe wheat” in relation to the other more expensive ingredients


  • Faster hydration capacity;

  • Better alloy when mixed with meat;

  • No bitterness;

  • Better crispness in fried kibe with less oil absorption;

  • Aroma and sophisticated appearance, noticeable in the product in nature;

  • Appearance of kibe ready drier, indicating a healthier and more modern product;

  • Longer (shelf life) of the product in nature;

  • Higher durability of the kibe (due to enzymatic inactivation).


KIBEZIN® has numerous advantages due to the unique continuous thermolization process it undergoes, allowing many health benefits. More wheat than meat can be used, reducing fats.
Absorbs less oil during frying. Its shelf life is much longer than traditional wheat, either as raw material or as ready kibe, it absorbs more water than raw wheat and allows a less caloric final production.


Dilute 1 kg of Kibezin® with 750 ml of boiling water for 10 minutes or until all water is absorbed (no squeezing). Then mix with 500g of ground meat and the seasonings that you usually use as salt, peppermint, Syrian pepper, lemon juice, onion, garlic, etc.


10 Kg e 500g – Valved bags in LDPE

Kibezin - Trigo para kibe
Kibezin - Trigo para kibe



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