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Forno Ecológico


ZINI’S ECOLOGICAL OVEN reinterprets, in a practical and modern way, the oldest food preparation methodology in Brazil: the classic wood stove that preserves the charm, the taste and the smell of old. Not to mention that one of the biggest concerns worldwide is keeping the cost of fossil fuels (LPG, natural gas, etc.) low, especially to preserve the planet.

With this in mind, ZINI has developed an ECOLOGICAL OVEN which has as its main feature the great savings in terms of energy cost, as it only uses wood of any size and origin, including recovered wood. This is only possible because the thermodynamic design of ZINI ECOLOGICAL OVEN foresees that at no time will the flame generated by the wood come into contact with the food.

Technically this process is known as “Indirect Heating”. In practice, combustion gases pass through a jacket where the oven is fitted. This enables the entire surface of the oven to exchange heat with the gases, considerably increasing operating temperatures and completely eliminating the presence of smoke, vapors and odors in direct contact with food.

ZINI’S ECOLOGICAL OVEN represents a return to the past, but to a more logical time, respecting the environment. Discover ZINI’s OVEN and discover, live, how it can pay for itself in just a few months just for its fuel economy, as well as offering a retro, fascinating look in the restaurant or even where pain is installed.

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