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Farinha para empanar flocada tipo Panko

Panko Flocked Breading Flour

The new generation of panko-type breading.

É uma farinha flocada tipo PANKO para um empanamento de última geração, produzida com uma tecnologia exclusiva, que garante um floco compacto e de aparência diferenciada.
Graças à tecnologia das ‘’Micro-Esferas’’*, este floco nasce por não possuir cavidades. LIPÓFOBO: absorve menos óleo que o Panko tradicional, *Obs.: Tecnologia de compactação em até 20G
(20x a força gravitacional), que elimina as cavidades naturalmente propensas à absorção de gorduras/lipídios.

(*) Note: Compaction technology up to 20G (20x the gravitational force), which eliminates cavities naturally prone to absorption of fats / lipids.


  • Saves up to 70% oil or fat in frying;

  • Enables the use of more refined oils and fats (example: olive oil);

  • Keeps the adhesion and resistance of the breading until freezing;

  • Improves and standardizes the appearance of the savory snacks;

  • It significantly reduces the overall costs of frying;

  • It gives greater crispness, making the breading more appetizing;

  • It is always available because it is 100% national;

  • It is healthier for the end consumer;

  • Excellent value for money.


As the only type of PANKO produced by Microsphere technology, FIOCCOPANKO® guarantees a substantial reduction in oil consumption during frying.
Modern food to put health first.


Breading: Put FIOCCOPANKO® on a plate. Immerse the food in the binder (egg or FIOCCOGEL® diluted in water) and cover with FIOCCOPANKO®. Press lightly for best grip. Fry in very hot oil (190 ° C).


10 Kg e 500g – Valved bags in LDPE

Farinha para empanar flocada tipo Panko
Farinha para empanar flocada tipo Panko


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