(Português do Brasil) Fioccopan® - Farinha de Rosca para Empanamento

Fioccopan® is not just the thread flour

Compra Industrial
Compras no Varejo

Flour for lipophobe breading.

It is a flour of flour of last generation, produced with technology of tip promoting a smooth grain, rounded and compact. It is designed to ensure a longer shelf life, with a crisp, pleasant and healthy appearance. It absorbs up to 70% less oil than common thread flour, because it does not have micro caves (microsphere technology).


  • Saves up to 70% oil or fat in frying;

  • Enables the use of more refined oils and fats (example: olive oil);

  • Keeps the adhesion and resistance of the breading until freezing;

  • Improves and standardizes the appearance of the empanadas;

  • It significantly reduces the overall costs of frying;

  • It gives crispness and appetite to the breading for longer;

  • It is always available because it is 100% national;

  • It is healthier for the end consumer.


Milanese: Put Fioccopan® on a plate. Immerse the food in the binder (egg or Fioccogel® diluted in water) and cover with Fioccopan®. Press lightly for best grip. Fry in very hot oil (190 ° C).


10 kg and 500 g – Valved bags in LDPE


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