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The ideal binder replaces the egg in the flour.

Produced from sophisticated and exclusive gelling technology, Fioccogel® has excellent binder properties, avoiding typical egg handling difficulties. It is the ideal binder for Fioccopan® welds, and can be prepared with different degrees of cold viscosity.

Main Features:

  • Easy and fast rehydration;

  • Eliminates waste and generates savings;

  • Excellent alloy properties;

  • Increase safety in preparation;

  • Ideal for frozen products.


Dilute Fioccogel® in water, in the proportion of 4 to 6 parts of water to 1 part of Fioccogel®. Mix until you get a smooth mixture. Dip food into the binder and cover with Fioccopan®. Press lightly for best grip. Fry in very hot oil (190 ° C).


10 kg and 500g – Tube bags in LDPE