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Become a Zini Distributor


ZINI Brasil, a company of Italian origin with decades of tradition in Brazil (since 1992), thanks to its pioneering and innovative products and unique food manufacturing processes, is constantly expanding and is seeking representatives and distributors throughout Brazil , to intensify its sales. In recent years, the food segment outside the home has grown enormously, requiring new industries to take action and partnerships to meet demand. ZINI grows through an expanding network of distributors, with whom a long-term mutual trust relationship is often created. Take advantage of this opportunity and become our distributor or representative.




The advantages of being a representative or distributor are many:
From the flagships, currently FIOCCOPAN® lipophobic flours, FIBRAZIN® bitter-free wheat fiber, the newest and most revolutionary wheat for Kibe KIBEZIN®, to a range of fresh pasta, the full range of products stand out by exclusive ZINI differentials.

They present unique characteristics in the market and stand out for the practicality, economy, quality and, mainly, because they do not need refrigeration (Shelf-Stable). As a result, they are easy to store, distribute and do not depend on the final customer’s refrigerator space for the order to be placed. ZINI products fit anywhere, and customers have access to them only through the ZINI distribution network. With this, there is no interference with the supermarket chain, hypermarkets and wholesalers. Selling food has always been a “safe haven,” because it is an activity less subject to contractions and self-sustaining. The margins are interesting, and customer loyalty is guaranteed. ZINI’s after-sales support is done through qualified and experienced professionals, who guarantee the service to any customer’s needs. We usually give quick and customized answers to the demand. Being part of this family means creating long-term bonds.

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